The National Biosafety Authority has urged producers and processors of genetically modified (GM) food products to adhere to biosafety and food safety standards.

The NBA oversees the aspect of regulating genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or products of GMOs such as food, feed, application and processes from the laboratory or farm to the consumer. This also includes the import, export and transit of GMO products. The Authority works with various partners and stakeholders to enhance this perspective.

The NBA through internationally recognized biosafety standards, codes of practice and other national guidelines and laws, supports national food safety in order to contribute to consumers’ good health and environmental protection. In addition the NBA conducts risk assessments, an essential tool in ensuring food safety.

“The Authority is encouraging all those handling GMO food products to ensure safety for humans, animals and the environment. As we celebrate the second World Food Safety Day (WFSD) on 7th June 2020, we would like to reiterate our stance on ensuring the safety for humans, animals and the environment as it is our mandate to do so.”

Download: Press Statement – Adhere to Food Safety Standards