NINETEEN more bags by 25 kgs of mealie meal that may contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have been retrieved from shops in Lusaka.
On Sunday the National Biosafety Authority (NBA) together with the other law enforcement agencies seized 19 and half bags of the Super maize meal a product from South Africa.

The mealie meal was seized from a shop in Bauleni area. Upon inquiries it was discovered that the named shop had ordered 50 by 25 kgs bags of Super maize meal and by the time the Authority pounced on the shop, 30 bags had already been sold out to retailers and consumers.

“On Monday we retrieved 19 and half bags by 25kgs of the same Super maize meal in the same area. This brings the total number of bags to 39 and a half from the three shops.”
“We understand the ‘supplier’ had a truck load with the same commodity. We are still investigating the matter and are working with other relevant government authorities to find out how this product could have landed in the country and on the market.”

Samples have since been taken to the laboratory for testing.