The National Biosafety Authority (NBA) has called on butcheries using spices which may contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs) to clearly label their products so that consumers make informed decisions.

The Authority has also directed bakery owners using ingredients made from or which may contain genetically modified organisms to label them without fail.

NBA Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Lackson Tonga, said it was important that all products containing ingredients of genetically modified organisms are labelled.

“It is a requirement by law that all products which are made from genetically modified organisms or which contain ingredients of GMOs are clearly labelled so that consumers make an informed choice or decision when buying such food products,” he said.

“As such we are giving all producers using products such as baking ingredients and butcheries using spices which contain GMOs two weeks in which to start labelling their products, failure to do so they will be dealt with according to the provisions of the law.”

 “Consumers have the right to know what ingredients are in the products they are buying hence labelling helps. When we insist on labelling it does not mean the products are dangerous, no. All we just want the consumers to know what they are eating. It is also a requirement by law that the products are labelled. The GMO products or products which may contain GMOs which have been permitted on the Zambian market have been found to be safe for the humans, animals and the environment, after risk assessment was conducted on them.”

Mr. Tonga also said the NBA is pleased that distributors are giving their clients copies of permits to place on the market.