The National Biosafety Authority (NBA) has granted L& A Logistics Limited and Gola Stock Feeds and Chemical Manufacturers Limited permits to import products that many contain genetically modified organisms.

Following a decision made during the Board meeting held on 20th December 2019, the NBA Board resolved to grant permits to L&A logistics and Gola manufacturers after a risk assessment was conducted by the Scientific Advisory Committee on the two companies’ applications to import products made from genetically modified organisms.

“These new import permits are valid for five years. L&A logistics will bring in soups, spices, various brands of spreads, salad dressing, various brands of Rusks and dog food while Gola manufacturers limited will bring in maize grit to be used in making snacks. The two new permits bring the total number of import permits granted by the Authority this year (2019) to seven, including permits granted to Gatbro, Southern National Trade Import and Export Limited, Freddy Hirsch, Pick n Pay and Choppies Superstores.” The Authority has also renewed a total of 23 permits to place on the market products which may contain GMOs.”

From 2016 to date the NBA has granted 49 permits for import and placing on the market processed food and feed products, four research permits and issued four Non- GM clearance certificates for export.
And the Authority has observed that the compliance levels were generally impressive for distributors, importers and retailers dealing in products that may contain GMOs.

Particularly, the Authority is happy that the laboratories with activities involving gene modification technology were adhering to the biosafety standards and the provisions of the Biosafety Act.